Monday, June 22, 2009

You're just not that pretty

So this is something that i feel needs to be said, many times models will complain over and over again about not getting the right trade for print offers, the right paid gigs etc... and people respond with height to weight ratio, get a better book together, etc...

but what they are not saying, but trying to tap dance around is that you just aren't all that pretty and you aren't right for modeling

things that might be said that indicate you are not that pretty, and why saying them is wrong (please feel free to fill in your own):

Suggestion: you should consider art modeling

Why it is wrong for you: unless what you are thinking of doing is posing for an art school class (nude) art models are very expressive models with something unusual and sensuous about them. That is not you.

You like to stick your butt in the air and state that someday you will be a successful model and pose for Maxim and King magazine. You won't be doing that either.

Suggestion: why not be an alt model

Why it is wrong for you: The clothing allowance alone is going to bankrupt you. And do you know how much work alt models put into creating an identity. Alt models do not just shop at hot topic and are done with it, they custom make pieces, shop for vintage, they live the life.

You bought a corset from Lotions and lace and put some temp green hairspray in your hair, that is not the same.

Suggestion: tone up a bit and loose some weight and you can be a commercial model

Why it is wrong for you: you aren't pretty. If you look like one of the girls from Beauty and the Geek you are not pretty. You are a make-up queen. Commercial modeling is about natural beautiful faces, or character faces.

Suggestion: try some stock photography

Why it is wrong for you: same rules as commercial

Suggestion: go into glamour

Why it is wrong for you: unless what you think they mean by go into glamour is grab your breasts, spread your legs, and put a doily on the goody bit in between, you are not a glamour model.

Glamour models are seductive and outrageous and beautiful. You don't have to be all those things, but it helps. it helps to have a nice rack, a small waist, and a decent size ass with a face that says I will make your dreams come true. You should make people stop and stare when you walk out in a swimsuit, and implied nudity is just a given.

Suggestion: pay a lot of money to a bunch of photographers and build your book

Why it is wrong for you: you are a struggling student and don't want to pay for photographers to shoot you. I mean you showed half a nipple once shouldn't that be enough.

AND even if you do all that it is unlikely you will get paid work, or even great tfcd. Since you will still look like you,

If no photographers want to shoot you TFCD, and not just people as advanced as me but also just half way decent shooters, than you just aren't that pretty, or unusual, or simply you just aren't model potential.

So yes there is a market for you, but be aware that if the only offers you get are the same offers you would get working at a strip club, you probably just aren't that pretty. You aren't right for being a paid full time model. You aren't right for even being a hlaf time model, but even if you aren't all that pretty I promise you that at least one guy will pay you to show your cooter.

If that isn't what you want to do, then modeling is not right for you.

You don't have to be pretty to model, but if you aren't interesting, unusual, talented, or sexy then pretty helps. If you aren't any of the aforementioned, you just aren't model material.

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